I agree. Alien 3 is my favorite of the films. It's a total mess by the second act, the VFX are bad, and the end isn't great, but it actually has a point of view and a lot of compelling, complex characters. Weaver's performance in that film is incredible as well. » 2/25/15 10:34pm Yesterday 10:34pm

Yeah, I gave this show a chance because I wanted to see everything tie together, from the founding of SHIELD, to the significance of the former SSR base seen in AoS, to the legacy of Howard Stark, to the rebirth of HYDRA. » 2/25/15 7:49pm Yesterday 7:49pm

Burn me at the stake for saying it, but having Jack Napier kill the Waynes was an excellent choice for 1989's Batman. Convenient, sure, but 2015 Oscar-loser Keaton's performance when he finds out, and the cold, dead-eyed stare he gives the Joker in the clock tower, is more than worth the discontinuity. It also… » 2/23/15 7:44pm Monday 7:44pm

Yeah. It was pretty obvious that these stories were bullshit at the time they were published, as they were so light on detail and very fuzzy about nature of the "discovery." They basically used the tried-and-true format: "something new and amazing was unearthed, but I wouldn't want to bore you with the details." » 2/17/15 12:51pm 2/17/15 12:51pm

Oh, Gawker, get over yourself... it was a fine and appropriate special, and other than an extended "The Californians," which I still don't understand, and perhaps two-too-many Kanye appearances, it was both a well-calibrated tribute to, and improbably, a consistently solid episode of SNL, that somehow didn't seem as… » 2/17/15 2:38pm 2/17/15 2:38pm

Yes, we all know Metacritic has a bad impact on the industry, and review scores in general are silly, but Iwata's basically just saying that Nintendo games frequently get good reviews, in an easily digestible way for the layperson investor, which is the thing Metacritic is actually good for. The snotty contempt in… » 2/17/15 1:05pm 2/17/15 1:05pm

The answer is apparent if you imagine two people on one day instead of one person on two days. No matter how fast or slow either person walks, at some point at one time, the two paths will meet. It's impossible to know at what time, or where along the path this will happen, but the one thing, the only thing, that you… » 2/15/15 8:34pm 2/15/15 8:34pm

I was 8 years old back then, and I remember playing console demos at the local Best Buy, wandering though the themepark-style video game section and fantasizing about all the games I'd play once I saved enough chore money to buy a Game Boy. I distinctly remember seeing the gaudy black and red Jaguar display, which got… » 2/12/15 3:48am 2/12/15 3:48am

I'm glad that Gawker posted this. I read that Verge article and I was absolutely shocked that a normally clear-eyed, rational publication, whose reporters constantly make fun of "#brands" on Twitter, would be so far off the mark on this topic. » 2/09/15 3:26pm 2/09/15 3:26pm